Cabinet cornice

product introduction:

The cabinet baseboard is one of the components of the cabinet, which is also called the back of the cabinet because it is located behind the cabinet. Cabinet cornice produced by Kosha Plast Company with a height of 3 cm and a length of 5 meters is sold in the market in packages of 30 and 40 pieces and the brand (KPF). Application

Its main purpose is to prevent water and dust from penetrating to the back of the cabinet. In addition, by covering the distance between the wall and the cabinet, it creates more beauty in the kitchen environment.

Raw materials and production:

The raw materials are procured from the most reliable PVC granule production factories and are transformed into final product components through the extrusion process. The base of the cabinet consists of two parts, the sole and the top, each of which has a separate production line, and by assembling these two parts, the final product is obtained. The skirting board is made of two hard and soft PVC components. The main body of the sole is made of hard PVC and the edge of the seal is made of transparent soft PVC with a certain angle. The flexibility and angle of this edge is such that the sealing ability of the piece reaches the highest possible level. The edge material of the company’s products is made of high-quality materials and its transparency is maintained for a long time. The top of the cornice is made of PVC or aluminum in various designs and colors.


Sealing cornice of spoon design cabinet

Salient features of cornice:

– Various designs and colors: The company’s products are produced in more than 20 different and beautiful models that provide the possibility of choosing a design and color suitable for the kitchen environment for different tastes.

  • High strength: The flexibility of the company’s cornices gives high impact and strength to the part and prevents the part from being brittle during cutting and installation by the cabinet maker.
  • Easy installation: The easy and quick installation of the cornice, in addition to the convenience of the cabinet makers, allows the customer to replace different designs in the shortest possible time.

The price of the cabinet base:

After choosing the desired color scheme, the price of the cabinet cornice comes. The price of the cornice depends on its design and material. Dear customers can contact the sales department of the company so that our colleagues in the company can give the necessary guidance.

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