about us

history of the company

This organization was started in 1372 in the field of making plastic molds with limited facilities and in the form of a real personality by Mr. Seyed Majid Mir Fakhar and in 1373 it succeeded in receiving an operating license from the Ministry of Industries in the field of mold making. With technical and specialized skills, in 1382, he obtained a license to produce plastic products from the Tehran Governorate, and in 1387, he was registered as a legal entity under the name of Koshaplast Fakhar Industries Company. The changes that have taken place in recent years and the transformation of traditional design into modern design as well as the advancement of production technology have caused Koshaplast Fakhar Industries Company to upgrade its scientific and technical capabilities in the field of software and hardware and take steps towards growth and improvement. In this connection, we can refer to things such as: Expansion of the production space to about 2800 square meters in Kharazmi Industrial Town with the assistance and cooperation of the Organization of Small Industries and Industrial Towns of Iran, increasing the production capacity and obtaining an operating license from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade in 2013 and using up-to-date software for product design. And the template pointed out. Currently, the main activity of the organization is designing and manufacturing all kinds of plastic molds as well as producing plastic parts for household and industrial appliances (injection and extrusion). One of the prides of this unit is the design and production of plastic pallets from waste materials and replacing it instead of wood for packaging purposes. Packing and transporting household appliances is a great help to protect the environment.

Kosha Plast Fakhar company, with more than three decades of activity in the field of design, mold making and production of extrusion profiles and plastic injection parts, with the use of world-class technology in the design and mold making of modern equipment and production lines, is working on our lines. Design and production is proud to provide quality services in the production of engineering products based on ABS, PP, PS, HIPS, PVC, PE, PC, PA, TPU, TPE, etc. polymers.